Benefits of being a Homemaker: From a newbie

“What’s so great about being JUST a homemaker?” I’ve heard this question more times than I would like. To be honest, I used to get very upset and defensive when asked this question. But, after a few years of being a homemaker, I have a long list on what’s so amazing about being a homemaker. I’ll save you the time and share my top 3 reasons why you should become a homemaker.

Before I share my reasons, I want to clarify that I do not judge any woman that isn’t a full time homemaker. We all have different callings and should not be criticized for following through. To be honest, some women that work full time jobs do a great job at homemaking. Those women are unicorns!

So, why should you consider being a  homemaker?

For a simple life 

In my early twenties, I always craved a big time career, living in a big city and just being a part of the hustle and bustle. That urge quickly changed as I’ve faced many challenges and with each challenge my perspective gradually changed on what is important in life. Peace of mind. This now became my goal. I realized that peace for me meant living a simple life. Being a homemaker grants me longer moments of peace and quiet. My mind is clearer than it has ever been. With this I’m able to pour more time, love and effort into my family and myself.

For the children

Although I do not have any children yet, I’ve worked in the childcare industry since I was a teenager. One thing that stood out while working at a daycare, was that a lot of moms felt guilty for missing out on their babies’ milestones, not having the time to prepare them nutritious foods, not being aware of some allergies or picking up on behavioral changes. Seeing this daily, left a mark on my heart. 

I remember when I was in college, I shadowed a female gynecologist, who was pregnant at the time. We had a great conversation about grades and family life. I asked her how she handles so many hats. She simply replied, “ I don’t and I sometimes regret it.” I knew then that this was not the life I wanted to live. I wanted to be present in my future children’s lives to mold them in the way of the Lord.

For our marriage

Being a homemaker is servitude. It is a selfless act. I actually enjoy serving my family. As it pertains to our marriage, being submissive and a traditional wife has many perks. Most will read that and claim that I am oppressed or even silly for being submissive. However, I’m a strong believer of following what the Great Book (Bible) says and using discretion. To sum this up, my marriage has improved tremendously since becoming a homemaker. Home is a sanctuary for both of us. We spend more time together, praying, personal ministry and working on our goals. Who would complain about that?

Build Community

This is one of my favorite advantages of becoming a homemaker. The community of like-minded women I’ve come to know from all over the world. And might I add, very intelligent, strong and confident women. I’ve built long lasting relationships and I’ve learned so much from these women. This is the top reason I started this blog, to continue building a community of homemakers that are rooted in Christ and are living out their life’s purpose.

I’m not here to convince all women to drop their 9-5 and become a full time homemaker, but in case you were thinking about becoming one at some point in your life, this would enlighten you on some of the advantages. 

If you’re a homemaker (full time or part time), tell me about what you love the most about homemaking?


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