How to Decorate your Apartment on a Tight Budget

Is it really possible to decorate your apartment on a budget? Of course it is! As a homemaker, I want my home to not just feel good but to also look good. However, some of us don’t have unlimited resources to decorate our homes. We admire the beautiful homes we see on Instagram and other social media platforms and hope we can somehow make our home look just as good. 

We recently moved to another apartment, but unlike the last place, this new place is unfurnished. So I’m starting with a blank canvas to make our apartment feel like a home. We are on a tight budget, and with inflation going on, decorating on a budget can feel like a hopeless feat. But I’ll let you in on a secret, your home can look amazing for a fraction of the usual costs! 

Now let’s decorate!

Come up with a Budget

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Pull out those calculators and planners and set a budget.

Isn’t that why you’re here? To stick to a budget that works with your wallet. First thing is deciding how much you CAN spend, and not what you’re willing to spend. When some of us who love to shop say what we’re willing to spend, a lot of times it doesn’t align with what we are actually able to afford. Go through your monthly budget and see how much you can afford to use for decorating or add to your budget a fund for decor. Once you’ve settled on a budget that you can, now it’s time to decide on your design style.

Figure out your design style

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Simple and cozy.

You’ve fallen in love with Nabela Noor’s white walls and furniture but you also love the look of a vintage designed London cottage. But are these your style? Would you be comfortable living in a home designed the way your favorite online homes look? These are just a few questions you should ask yourself when deciding what your design style is. My advice would be to make a Pinterest board with your favorite designs that are realistic and compatible for your home. Decide on colors, textures, plants etc and keep them organized for reference when shopping. 

Work with what you already have

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You love your sofa set, or that pink vase on your coffee table, use it as the foundation for decorating your home. Inspiration doesn’t always have to come from others but right in your home. DO not get rid of everything but keep thing that you love and will be cohesive with the design you’re going for. 

DIY your way to Fabulous

I’m all for an easy, inexpensive DIY project. I’m so into DIY, I made a good amount of my wedding decor. Things like floral arrangements and wall art are so easy to make and can be super fun! If you have little ones, this would be a great evening or weekend activity to do together. 

With a little creativity, you can recreate some of the beautiful decor you see in stores and on your favorite home design Instagram accounts. The best place to start is the Dollar Tree. There are endless projects you can make and you will impress yourself with the end result. I’d suggest checking out some of the DIY blogs or Youtube channels to help you along. 

Find deals and discounts

To save and stick to your budget, search for items that fit your design at your favorite home stores in the clearance section. There are so many gems to find in clearance. Some of my favorite places for a good deal are IKEA, H&M home and Amazon

The best way to get the most out of a clearance section is to know your design style and know what will work with the pieces you already own. A quick trick would be to make a list of the decor that you want to add to your home before hitting the stores. 

Coupons and online discount codes are also a tremendous help when shopping for decor. Also, don’t be afraid to shop second-hand. Check out thrift stores, pawn shops, Facebook Marketplace and even Amazon has used items under their Amazon Warehouse department. 

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