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How to Make Coconut Milk

So this week in the meal plan was a red bean soup. As most of you know, the purpose of meal planning is to be more conscientious about groceries and to be less overwhelmed when deciding what the family should eat. But like a normal human being, I forgot an ingredient. And for me, this was one of the main ingredients. Coconut Milk. How can this Caribbean woman forget coconut milk for a stew/soup. I know I didn’t want to make a trip to the grocery store so I had to improvise somehow.

Lightbulb moment! I had cut up coconuts in my freezer. Story behind that is my dad is a bit obsessed with collecting and barking coconuts, so my freezer has a few bags full.
In my mind I was thinking, “Well coconut milk is made from coconuts so I should be able to make my own.” And that I did.

First I gathered how many pieces of coconut I needed. Then I put the coconut pieces into the blender with double the amount of water to coconut (2:1). I’ve seen some recipes use a sweetener and vanilla but for cooking, I skipped that part because the purpose of this milk is for a savory dish.
Now start your blender and watch it go! Too much? Maybe. I was a bit excited at this moment.

Blending the coconut and water

Blend until the coconut meat is finely shredded. Now, take a cheesecloth or a fine mesh strainer and strain the mixture.

After pressing and straining, let the pulp sit in the strainer for about 10 minutes to drain the rest of the “milk.”

Here you can see the pulp is now a little bit dry becuase I allowed it to sit. Look at that creamy milk in the container!
It’s soo creamy!

And Voila! Just like that you have coconut milk!

Coconut Milk Ingredients

  • 8 ounces of raw coconut meat (or you can use shredded coconut flakes)
  • 4-5 cups of water


Place coconut meat in blender and add 4 cups of water.

Blend until coconut and water is pureed.

Strain mixture in cheesecloth or fine mesh strainer. After pressing and straining. Allow mixture to sit to drain excess milk.

You can use the pulp for desserts or a filler to smoothies and oatmeal porridge.

Pour milk into a glass container with an airtight lid. Milk can last up to 4 days in the refrigerator and about 2-3 months in the freezer.

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