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Every time I go to the grocery store, prices have increased! To be quite honest, it’s absolutely insane. But it’s not just my grocery store, this is happening worldwide. Inflation is here and it is not taking a break. So being the frugal homemaker that I am, I know that I had to come up with a plan to still somehow stick to or reduce our grocery budget. 

Here are 3 tips that have been working for us.

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Junk foods are made to be addictive.

Cutting down on Processed foods

My husband and I do our best to follow a pretty clean and healthy diet. This can get expensive, but what adds to the bill is pre-packaged foods. Vegan alternatives, different types of sauces and marinades, nuggets for the kids, snacks etc. adds up pretty quickly. This is not saying you shouldn’t purchase any processed foods, but to reevaluate what is more cost effective, making something from scratch or buying it pre-packaged. In the long run, cutting down on processed food will also help with cravings and lifestyle diseases.

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Buying less or no meat

The cost of meat is unbelievable. It’s even more pricey when buying good quality meat. I’ve personally stopped eating meat but still purchase meat for my husband. However, I don’t cook meat everyday like i used to, so meat lasts longer in our home. My husband does meatless meals at least 3 days of the week and I’m so grateful that he enjoys those meals. If your family isn’t keen on not having meat as often, try to incorporate one day or even one meal each week that is so delicious they won’t even realize there is no meat on the plate.

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Always make a list.

Get Organized

This is the most important step. Planning meals for the week or the month, keeping track of when items are getting low and putting together a detailed grocery list. When you’re organized before heading to the grocery store, you are more likely to stick to the plan. When you’re unorganized, things like deals on items not on your list can be the cause of going over-budget.

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