5 Tips to become a Productive Homemaker

Our first year of marriage, I was overwhelmed with how to be a productive homemaker, maintain and grow a beautiful marriage and handle everything else. It was chaos to say the least. I still have some days that I struggle, but this homemaker has come along way. Hopefully with these tips on how to be a productive homemaker, wives and moms can find encouragement and motivation to become a more productive homemaker without the stress.

Homemakers aim to maintain a peaceful atmosphere at all times, but in order for this to happen (smoothly), planning ahead is key. With planning, comes order. God is a God of order, and we were made to be like Him. Therefore,  we must try to maintain order in managing our homes. None of us are perfect, but I do believe that with consistency and discipline we can all be productive homemakers.

Morning devotion for productivity
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Morning devotion/meditation is essential to productivity

This may not seem like something that will help with productivity, but I assure you, spending time in the Word of God (or meditating for those of you that aren’t believers), praying and singing songs of praise is the perfect way to start your day. I live by the text, “I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me.” Seeking His guidance and grace before starting your day, guarantees the loss of feeling overwhelmed and confused. Try it! You will be happy you did.

Set up your bedroom for the day
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This includes making your bed, opening your windows, spraying a room spray etc. The first place you see in the mornings is your bedroom. Before leaving it to manage the rest of your home, ensure that it is set. 

Plan daily activities, FOLLOW THROUGH and utilize your time effectively
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This tip is loaded but it is all connected. We cannot plan and don’t do the work. We must utilize our time effectively, a.k.a. multitasking.

I usually plan my daily activities the night before. Although I have a monthly and weekly planner, daily planning is essential because life is not perfect. Things change regularly. Every evening before I retire, I write down tasks that I did not complete, along with my daily routine. This keeps you on top of things. 

You have the plan, now get it done! Do your endeavor best to get everything done on your list. If you’re cooking and something is in the oven, start vacuuming, or put away the kids toys. Clothes in the washer, start the dishes. You get the drift!

5 Tips to become a Productive Homemaker
Make a checklist of things you got done

This is not the same as planning, but a way to boost your confidence. Seeing on paper (or digitally) what you’ve accomplished for the day, week or month gives you a sense of pride. Subconsciously,in my opinion, this helps build a solid routine. Why? Because seeing is believing. Seeing the progress you’ve made, encourages you to continue doing the things that made homemaking successful.

Have a Budget
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This falls under planning but I think it deserves a separate space. If you’re a family living on one income, home management becomes less stressful when your finances are planned to the tee. Set out your monthly and weekly budget and stick to it! Do not stray away because you saw a new gadget on sale on Amazon or Costco had a case of pasta on sale. If it’s not in the budget, and it’s something that the family needs, make a plan to save for it. 

Even those of you that have two incomes, STICK TO THE BUDGET! If the past 2 years haven’t taught you anything else, it should have taught you that life can change in an instant!

Final Thoughts

I’m sure after reading this you get the gist of how to be a productive homemaker. PLAN and EXECUTE. This is your job and we should be assiduous in our tasks. Follow the first tip and the rest will be a breeze. Happy Homemaking!

~ Precious

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