What is Homemaking? It’s more than you think

Homemaking in a nutshell is taking care of or managing the affairs of the home. For most, homemaking is just cooking, cleaning and taking care of the children. But, homemaking is more than you may think. Let’s take a closer look into what homemaking is.

By definition, homemaking is the establishment or management of a home; duties of a homemaker, according to Collins Dictionary. But is that all?  Of course not. When you become a homemaker, you quickly realize that your job holds many positions. Outside of managing, you become a doctor, therapist, pastor, teacher, engineer, bookkeeper etc. Pretty much, you become the go-to person for almost everything within your home. You’re not just managing, but you are also support staff.

What do homemakers do all day?

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Like I said above, homemakers wear many hats. Essentially, on a day to day basis, we are making sure our families are fed, well houses are cleaned and in order and making sure everyone stays sane. Sounds easy? I guarantee you, it’s not. However, there are some women that are stay at home wives/moms and by definition, they really aren’t homemakers. They either have the resources to outsource help with running the home or simply put, they do not care to manage the home. But that’s a topic for another day.

Most homemakers that I know follow a daily routine that works for their home. I’ve said this numerous times, planning saves the sanity of a homemaker. A lot of people look from the outside in and assume homemakers are just lazy and don’t do anything at all. But if you take a closer look at the mental and physical load of being a productive homemaker, we’re probably some of the most hardworking people ever.  

Things no one tells you about Homemaking

laziness as a homemaker

Being a homemaker is now being glamorized and romanticized on social media. This has caused some aspiring and new homemakers to be shocked by the reality of this life. Homemaker life can sometimes be very monotonous. Boring. Lonely. Depressing. Day to day activities are very repetitive and can be frustrating when your work seems to have no result. Cleaning up after the kids only for them to make a mess 5 minutes later. Cooking for the family for breakfast and back in the kitchen for lunch and dinner. Remembering milestones, planning activities, budgeting the household finances, keeping up with necessary household items can all become extremely overwhelming. 

Depression can begin to flourish when you’re so busy managing the home 24/7, that you neglect yourself. And I’m not just talking about physical self care, I’m also referring to cultivating and maintaining other relationships outside of the home. Keeping a social life can be extremely hard sometimes. 

Another aspect of homemaking that’s often left on silent is working with no pay. This one might be taboo for some. But it should be discussed. Most homemakers receive no compensation for what they do. Some may argue that it’s her responsibility to do this, that and the next and some will say well get a job. Both are valid arguments, however, I truly believe everyone likes to be rewarded for their efforts. Some budgets may not be able to afford an allowance for homemakers, but showing appreciation regularly (husbands I’m talking to you) goes a long way.

The value homemakers bring to the home

Do you remember how your childhood home felt? Thinking about it gives you a certain feeling (hopefully it’s positive). That same feeling you remember about your home, I guarantee was carefully curated by the homemaker of your childhood home. To this day, when I visit my mom, I get so comfortable because that cozy feeling still remains. 

No one can put a price on what homemakers do. We bring warmth and love to our homes through how we decorate, the traditions we put in place, the smell of cakes or fresh bread and even how we care for our spouses and children. Homemakers are selfless and naturally want to make sure that the members of their home are holistically well. 

Final Thoughts

Homemaking entails a plethora of things as seen in this blog post. Let us remember that homemaking is a labor of love. This love is not just what you do for your family but also how you make them feel. Also, homemaking includes you, the homemaker. Do not neglect to love yourself. You are also a member of the home.

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